group rides

racing and events

Events and races festlig members will participate in are listed in the calendar to the right. We hope to see you out on your bike!

festlig group rides are on Sundays during the winter months. Depending upon attendance festlig will split into 5 groups maximum:

  • nybegynner - Average speed is 10 to 14 mph average on a flat road.
  • rød lantern samfunn - This is the Red Lantern Society. Open to any cyclist. The group is relaxed, no drop and supportive. This is a group who intentionally rides slowly. If you're looking to set Strava PRs find another level.
  • sykling C - Average speed 14 to 16 mph on flats.
  • sykling B - Average speed 16 to 18 mph on flats
  • sykling rask - "rask" means fast. Average speed 18mph and above. If you're in this group please make sure you've downloaded or know the course.